Beaconhouse Capital Purchases Polymer Assets from Metabolix Inc.

In October 2016, Beaconhouse closed on the purchase of Metabolix Inc. (NASDAQ: YTEN) polymer assets. The purchase included over 1,800,000 lbs of PHA resin, various lab equipment and an extrusion line.

The transaction will from the basis of a new focus for Beaconhouse in specialty chemical and plastic acquisitions. The assets provide Beaconhouse a platform to seek additional acquisitions and it will continue to serve Metabolix’s existing and future customer for several PHA grades, which are the only available US-made marine certified compostable plastics.

The current grades offered by Beaconhouse includes:
– Denitrification pellets offered to the aquarium industry.
– Compostable PHA/PLA for film application
– Compostable PHA for injection molding application.

For additional information or help with PHA sales please contact Talal Aldaher at or Peter Russo at

Alterra Holdings Company ( is a Beaconhouse Capital Management LLC portfolio company.

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